Meet Our DJ’s

Eddie Ryan
Eddie Ryan – Morning Host – Born in Stockton, California in 1965, Eddie Ryan has worked his way across America at radio stations of many styles. His wealth of musical knowledge and love of radio compells him to give his listeners a good-time wake-up show every weekday morning on TheNotch. As a child growing up in California, his parents took him to see some of the greatest groups of the late 60s and 70s, giving Eddie first-hand knowledge of the groups he features on The Notch. Eddie is a long time radio personality who has also moonlighted as an EMT in a cannery and an armed security supervisor. Eddie has seen a nice chunk of America, from a Central California ghetto, the pro football Hall Of Fame City in Ohio, adventures in Virginia, and an urban corner of Massachusetts south of Boston, followed by a triumphant return to the land he loves most in Northern New England. Eddie is still not convinced he’s seen it all, but his love of northern New Hampshire and northern Vermont is a place he says he’ll call home for a long, long time.
Tom Kent
Tom Kent – , Tom Kent is a radio veteran whose worked at some of America’s greatest radio stations including the legendary WLS CHICAGO. He’s been nationally syndicated since 2002. On March 16, 2008, Mr. Kent started TKRN, the radio network that bears his name. Since then the network has expanded into a 24/7 entertainment power force with multiple shows and various personalities in a variety of formats broadcast on hundreds of stations! Each product is designed to entertain and enlighten with the sole purpose of ending boring radio! Take a look below and see what today’s broadcast experts are saying about the Tom Kent Radio Network.
Matt Pinfield
Matt Pinfield – Flashback Hosted by Matt Pinfield with mixes of great rock, newscasts of the time, classic TV and movie clips. Flashback brings back the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Flashback is the number one retrospective radio program in the U.S. Early in his career, Matt worked as an on-air host and Music Director at WRSU-FM, the official radio station of Rutgers University. In 1984, he became a radio DJ on the Jersey shore alternative rock radio station WHTG-FM 106.3.
Steve DownesSteve Downes
Steve Downes – The Classics Steve Downes brings you The Classics, All The Classics and Nothing But The Classics. The Classics is a weekly retrospective look at the greatest artists and album tracks in the history of Rock and Roll.
Steve GoddardSteve Goddard
Steve Goddard – Goddard’s Gold Goddard’s Gold is three fresh music filled hours of hits from the 60’s and 70’s hosted by the legendary Steve Goddard. Every week Steve opens the vault on another spotlight artist complete with their music and story. Steve knows everyone and everything when it comes to great Oldies! He is one of America’s best on-air personalities and it definitely shows. Steve’s collection numbers nearly 100,000 records. Many of them are unreleased studio recordings. He shares it all with you, each weekend on Goddard’s Gold!